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In July 2015, the world will hear about Tathata Golf.  Having already grabbed a major presence behind the scenes in the golfing world among Amateurs, Tour Players and World Class Instructors, this unique golfing brand is reshaping the way golf is taught and played for the benefits of all players at all skill levels.  It is a brand built on the dedications and the principles found in Martial Arts and Ancient Samurai training, in that it offers the student and the teacher a clear concise way of training to achieve one’s own individual “Greatness!”  As it relates to golf, Tathata has introduced many things that have been absent in the way of instruction and learning since the game began. 


The principles behind Tathata break down the way the greatest players, champions and athletes of all time have always played their respective sports and the unparalleled mental strength that came with their absolute certainty in themselves.   In an ingenious way, Tathata has broken down the movement patterns of the likes of Tiger Woods (2000), Ben Hogan, Jack Nicklaus, Bobby Jones, Sam Sneed, Nick Faldo, Greg Norman, Seve Ballesteros, etc… to develop a simple way to teach the everyday student or Tour Player, world class motions in every aspect of the game.  Tathata takes us into the realm of how the greatest champions in all sports, Jordan, Federer, Pele, Elway, etc… move in exactly the same way to develop absolute power and strength in their motions. 


Tathata offers a truly profound way to look at things in the golf swing from an absolute athletic standpoint.   It simplifies things that cause most instructors and players a lifetime of confusion or doubt in what they do or teach.  It is truly the first “methodology” in teaching that is ABSOLUTELY NOT a method.  Tathata was NOT designed to reinvent the wheel like some other “gimmicky” methods have tried to do in the past; instead it is designed to create each person’s most efficient wheel.  In terms of the golf swing, there is no such thing as “one swing fits all” and Tathata Instructors understand that very well.  


As you will come to see in the very near future, Tathata has a remarkable marketing force behind it as well as an outstanding business model for both teacher and student.  In a short amount of time, Tathata will become hands down, the most unified voice in all of golf!  For further information, check out the site at WWW.TATHATA.COM.



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